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Stagwell Marketing Cloud Acquires Location-Based Consumer Behavior Platform

The People Platform™, maps consumer visits to points of interest, and sequences them over time to deliver contextually relevant insights and a comprehensive understanding of consumer behavior in near-real time. It then allows companies to communicate with specific groups of consumers to receive additional direct response, or to deliver personalized messaging or value at scale, further enriching the brand-customer connection.

"With this AI-powered technology, we can deliver more comprehensive data intelligence to brands, helping them more effectively drive customer acquisition and retention goals." – Mark Penn, Stagwell Chairman and CEO

Epicenter Experience launches consumer behavior tool, The People Platform

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After six years of research, development, beta testing and data gathering, a new marketing tool that promises to reimagine customer behavior and retention has officially launched. Quincy-based Epicenter Experience on Wednesday announced that companies nationwide can now subscribe to receive consumer behavior data gathered through The People Platform, which uses mobile location data and user surveys to analyze consumer trends. The company is calling this subscription its Behavioral Intelligence Solution.

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