Consumer Segments

Our consumer segments contain groupings of individuals within our network who share similar traits and behaviors. Built based on observed visitation patterns, online behavior, and trends, these segments include demographics, psychographics and behavioral traits, allowing brands to identify key consumer targets - such as brand loyal consumers, customers of competitors, and those that may be in-market with an intent to purchase - for analysis and/or activation at scale.

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Use Cases

Consumer profile

Profiles & Personas

Brands can understand the demographic composition of each consumer segment and develop personas based on this information.

A consumer near a dart board to showcase consumer targeting

Audience Targeting & Activation

Brands can engage and connect directly with the consumer segments they want to reach through programmatic, social, or search campaigns.

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Industry & Competitive Analysis

Brands can identify visitation and behavioral patterns of consumers across a myriad brands and industries to understand their composition and behaviors.

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