People are everything and are the fuel of our economy. Companies want to hear from you. We give people the control to share their information and experiences with products and services. The People Platform™ enables people to interact directly with the companies they engage with everyday. When you share your experience, you will receive financial value as a thank you for participating.



The People Platform™ is a technology that allows people to be heard from any location and from any device. As you go about your daily routine, The People Platform™ will notify you when you are at or near a location that wants you to share your experience. When you opt-in to participate and complete your feedback, we will send you cash value as a thank you. It really is that simple.


The People Platform™ has reached 90 million people in the United States. Over 9 million people have joined The People Platform™ to express their experience and be heard. Each has a bold story and collection of life experiences that inform their perspective. They are just like you. Hear more about their stories and the dreams that inspire them by clicking any of the images below.