Consumer Response

We engage consumers with opportunities to voluntarily share information about themselves, their behaviors & motivations, and their visits to/experiences with different brands, businesses or points-of-interest. In exchange for their perspective, participants are rewarded, receiving value back through incentives, such as digital gift cards.

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Types of Studies

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Audience Measurement Studies

Audience Measurement is critical to publishers getting fair value for advertising on their platforms. Consumer response studies are one component and an important input for The People Platform’s Audience Measurement solution. These studies confirm visitation to brand locations or POIs, provide additional context about the behaviors of consumers, such as notice and dwell, and collect important demographic information. This data is used, in combination with location and third-party data, to provide key insights into an audience and its engagement with the media it’s consuming.

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Ad Effectiveness & Ad Impact Studies

Ad effectiveness and ad impact studies provide understanding and insights into the performance of media campaigns. Brands can measure the visibility and potential impact of their campaigns by understanding key metrics, such as notice, brand awareness, and purchase intent.

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Consumer Experience Studies

Consumer Experience studies allow brands to better understand the reasons a consumer visited a brand location or POI and what their experience was like before, during, and after their visit. These studies provide critical insights directly from consumers.

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Custom Market Research Studies

Our team can design a questionnaire and methodology to accomplish a variety of research goals.

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