Location Intelligence

We organize anonymous device mobility data and sequence these daily mobile interactions into verified consumer visitors to brands and points-of-interest across North America. Our processing engine attributes devices to users, who are assigned a unique and persistent identifier, allowing consumer movement and behavior to be identified and analyzed.

This empowers brands and companies to:

  • Observe visitation and trends over time
  • Measure foot traffic and quantify patterns & changes in behavior
  • Assess marketing and promotional efforts
  • Gauge external and environmental factors
  • Understand the consumer journey for attribution and modeling
Cityscape with location pins hovering over buildings


Visitation & Foot Traffic

We combine mobility data with a proximity-based and geo-spatial mapping technology that employs both polygon and radius geo-telemetry to accurately identify visitation to brand locations or points-of-interest. Through this service we can measure visits to a specific location or location set, as well as brand and category-level visitation, allowing for analysis of brands, competitors, or industries.

Consumer Pathways & Journeys

Building upon our visitation service, we can identify where consumers are before and after their visit to a location to better understand their behaviors and purchasing journeys. This provides critical insights into the real-world movement of consumers and allows brands to identify new opportunities for conquest, acquisition, and retention of their clientele.

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