We are transforming the way brands understand their consumers.

We created The People Platform in 2016 to bridge the gap between consumers and companies in a meaningful way.

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Who we are

The People Platform™ is an enterprise software company that was founded to solve the disconnect between consumers and companies.

With access to extensive resources as part of Stagwell Global, our cloud-based platform combines mobile and location technology, consumer surveys, third-party data, and behavioral intelligence to map and sequence consumer behavior to empower our customers with a contextual awareness that leads to an unparalleled understanding of consumers at scale.

Meet the leaders behind
The People Platform

Paul Krasinski smiling at camera

Paul Krasinski

Co-Founder & CEO
Lynne Lipinsky smiling off camera

Lynne Lipinsky

Co-Founder & CFO
George Brady smiling at camera in zip up sweater

George Brady

Tara Calnan smiling at camera

Tara Calnan

VP of Operations & Media Services
Dmitri Korzh smiling at camera

Dmitri Korzh

Chief Data Officer
David Chavez looking into camera

David Chavez

Head of Product & Technology

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