The People Platform™ was created to shift the value back to the people. We believe that people should be rewarded for sharing their feedback about products and services.





You are immediately rewarded for your participation and sharing your experience. You are notified that The People Platform just put value in your virtual wallet. YOU get to decide how to spend the value you have earned - digital gift cards, enter VIP Experiences or Pay It Forward donations to charitable causes.  



A curated and personalized store of gift cards from your favorite retailers and hangouts. These gift cards are like cash and you get to apply the value to whichever card you desire. The process is simple, the decision of which one to choose is difficult.


VIP Experiences

Gain exclusive access to some of the most memorable events, concerts, and destinations to empower you with once in a lifetime experiences. As a member of The People Platform, you can use your value to enter to win. You're the celebrity, you have access.


pay it forward

Everyone is different and we all support different causes. We have made it easy for you to be an ambassador for your favorite cause by earning and donating to a library of causes. Don't see your's, no problem, let us know and we will add it.