Frequently Asked Questions

I never received my gift card +

You may want to check your junk/spam filter because it could have been filtered. The gift card comes from “The People Platform” with the email address The subject line is “Your Gift Card Has Arrived!”

I can’t find a gift card in my inbox or spam +

If you cannot find your gift card in your junk mail or spam folder please email: We will respond within 2 days of your inquiry. Please include the email address used when you qualified and completed the activity, the activity you participated in, and an approximate date of completion.

Submitting a gift card inquiry for someone other than yourself +

Each individual must send their own inquiry to Each inquiry is logged and assigned to support for a resolution. Include the email address entered for the reward when you qualified and completed the survey, the activity you participated in, and an approximate date. We can only provide account information to the individual that fully completed the survey.

When will my gift card arrive +

As stated in the survey, the gift cards are sent within 3 business days from activity submission.

I wasn’t able to enter email for gift card +

Unfortunately, if you were not able to fully complete the survey by entering your email address you did not qualify. For future opportunities download our app “The People Platform” available in the Apple Store and Google Play.

Why don’t I get rewarded every time I take the survey? +

Please note it is one individual per survey campaign who receives a reward. Regardless of how many submissions you have sent, either under the same email or alias variations, you will only receive one reward. All subsequent entries are void (exceptions may apply and are activity specific).

How can I earn more rewards? +

Download our app “The People Platform” available in the Apple Store and Google Play for more opportunities to earn.

How is my information shared? +

Click here to understand how your information is used: Privacy Policy

Why didn't I qualify for the survey? +

  • Due to the limited timeline of the offering, the offers are first come first serve. Once the activity has been filled the activity will close.
  • The People Platform delivers opportunities to qualified consumers.
  • Links are unique to the individual served, any shared links will be disqualified and flagged for any individuals that access the opportunity in this manner and will not be honored.
  • Most opportunities are one per person. Individuals that take multiple surveys using an alias or multiple emails are otherwise disqualified.

If you still have a question, please email