Cloud-based platform enables movie studios to have a direct connection with 902,000 moviegoers who went to the theater on the opening weekend of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom - delivering unparalleled audience scale and opt-in consumer response in real-time

BOSTON, MA – October 23, 2018 – The People Platform is redefining the way movie studios interact directly with moviegoers in theaters nationally, without technology friction. Movie studios can finally gather consumer behavior in real-time, understand key box office metrics and adjust their marketing efforts to maximize theater attendance based on direct consumer response. 

The People Platform measured 902,000 people who visited one of 5,000+ movie theaters nationally during the opening weekend of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.  The platform’s always on location tracking identified consumers who were visiting a theater location and asked them to opt-in to share their movie experience.  Consumers provided information about the movie they were attending, who they were with and what advertising influenced their decision to attend.  As consumer responses poured in from across the nation, The People Platform analyzed the individual responses in its cloud-based dashboard in real-time.  The solution delivered unparalleled consumer scale, a vital understanding for moviegoer behavior and an ability to adjust marketing resources based on consumer response. 

“Opening weekend box office is the single most important indicator in forecasting a film’s success.  Yet, movie studios have traditionally struggled to connect directly with consumers at a theater and receive feedback in a timely fashion,” says Paul Krasinski CEO and founder of The People Platform. “The People Platform enables movie studios to receive consumer feedback in real-time, from any device and theater location. The immediacy of consumer response allows the studios to quickly understand behavior and project box office potential, making them more proactive in driving movie attendance.”

The information shared by consumers allowed several important behaviors to surface:

1. 67% of moviegoers chose to see Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom over other movies

2. 73% of people credited television as a key influence in their decision to attend.

3. 40 was the average age of moviegoers who saw Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

4. 53% of all people who responded were the primary decision maker to go to the movies

5. 44% of these moviegoers brought 1 other person to the movies with them, 27% brought 2-3 others

This innovative movie measurement service exhibits value of a direct conversation with people who opt-in to share information while in a location.  The data allows movie studios to process information quickly and adjust their marketing strategies to activate the right demographic and decision makers to the movies, knowing that they will attend with others.

“Our efforts to help movie studios understand their consumer base did not stop there,” said Hannah Deck, head of Operations and Product, “We wanted to provide movie studios with the most value and comprehensive understanding. The People Platform is matching our consumer visitation to a theater with ad exposure data coming from television (linear and Smart TV devices).  This will allow the movie studios to fully understand the consumer path to attendance – from being exposed to a movie ad, to visiting a theater location, to movie attendance - delivering strong value and an actionable solution to movie studios.”


The People Platform™ is a cloud-based consumer behavior technology that enables consumers and companies to interact directly to exchange information, perspective and value in real-time across devices, environments and locations.  The People Platform™ gives consumers the control to proactively engage directly with companies to share their experiences with products and services at the place and time where the interaction is occurring. Companies are finally able to understand consumer behavior at scale, in real-time, without technology friction. Consumers receive financial value and recognition for opting in to participate; creating a new economic model for value distribution among people and companies.